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Owner Jokes Her Cat Looks In The Mirror At Night To “Fight Her Demons” [Video]



  • A TikTok video of @potroastsmom showing her cat Coupon repeatedly striking her reflection has already reached 4.4 million views.
  • The video was captioned: “It’s 8 pm which means Coupon is fighting her demons and Faucet is there for moral support”, earning 733,600 likes.
  • A study showed that just like babies, cats do not know what they look like until they learn at a later stage thus they think it is a different cat.

When animals first look in the mirror, they get spooked! And it is not just animals but also babies who also get a glimpse of themselves and not recognize their looks.  But one cat has the internet hooked with her reaction every time she looks at herself. 

@potroastsmom #nightroutine 💅💓 #soupycoupy #faucettok #screammovie #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Pot Roast’s mom

The viral clip with the caption: “It’s 8 pm which means Coupon is fighting her demons and Faucet is there for moral support” has already garnered 4.4 million views and 733,600 likes on TikTok.

TikTok user @potroastsmom shared it and viewers cannot help but laugh at how Coupon repeatedly attacks the mirror, while Faucet, her identical sister, supports the action by her side.

The cats’ actions have the viewers wondering why the adorable two are acting this way. P0tato28125 commented: “I wish I could interpret a cats’ thoughts.” While Beth wrote: “I assume cats are trying access another dimension.”

Photo Credit: @potroastsmom (TikTok)

TikToker Tybotcreates ventured: “I feel like Coupon is the mastermind of the duo and faucet is just there to sit and look pretty.”

Jst_jas wrote: “Coupon is so valid,” and TikToker bee said: “I can’t tell if that sound is the glass squeaking or you laughing.”

@aileenlovelace approved of the cats’ being allowed to do their stuff as she wrote: “I approve of the fact that they have scheduled this. Everyone should take fighting their demons this seriously!”

Photo Credit: @potroastsmom (TikTok)

Most studies of cats found out that they are not able to recognize themselves in the mirror even if they see their reflections according to Hill’s Pets.

For cats to have “weird” behaviors is normal according to Sunset Veterinary Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma City.  This came from being out there on their own in the wild fending for themselves eons ago.

To have their reflections mirroring their actions like being wary or aggressive makes them counteract.

Psychology Today said that this does not mean cats are not smart.  It is because they do not know what they look like until they learn to like babies.


While others pondered on the cats’ reactions to their reflections, some were amazed at the cats’ names. Aammyyyy_19 wrote: “coupon and faucet [are] the wildest cat names [I’ve] heard in a while.” And Maddie Cole commented: “Who is naming these cats. I’m dying.”

Wild names aside, we hope you get to deal peacefully with your demons soon, Coupon!

Source: Newsweek