Owner shocked to see her not-lost cat on Facebook’s ‘Lost Pets’ page

  • Brandi Schmidt allows her cat, Ron Weasley, to explore outside as he usually comes home after.
  • One day, she was shocked to see Ron on a Facebook page for lost pets.
  • Apparently, Ron has been constantly visiting their neighbor, who thought that he’s a lost cat, and made new friends — while getting extra treats!

How Brandi Schmidt’s cat, Ron Weasley, ended up on a Facebook page for lost pets was a funny confusion, until she learned how.

Brandi was supposed to just foster Ron, but the feline fell in love with her and decided that he’d be the one to choose his family — and that marked his forever home.

Photo Credit: Brandi Schmidt/The Dodo

“He was taken to the PetSmart adoption center while under the care of a rescue, but he hated everyone, and I was soon called back to come get him,” Brandi told The Dodo. “Their words: ‘Don’t bring him back … ever.’ And he’s been with us ever since.”

That behavior wasn’t Ron’s attitude at all. He just really wanted to stay with Brandi so he acted that way. But in reality, he is actually incredibly sweet and cuddly. But being mischievous, of course, is still natural for Ron, like for most cats.

Photo Credit: Brandi Schmidt/The Dodo

“Ron got his name because he’s extra weasel-ly,” Brandi said. “It fits him as he doesn’t stop at the word ‘no.’ He loves to be in the business, and everything is his business. We call it ‘the business chooses the cat.’ He always finds himself in predicaments.”

At first, Ron didn’t like to be around a lot of people, but that changed eventually. Brandi said that he even became “part of the welcome committee” whenever they have visitors. He even grew so clingy, being Brandi’s shadow and following her all around the house.

Besides his usual ‘shadow’ hobbies, Ron also loves staying outside during the day. He loves exploring and would always come back home after — the reason why Brandi wasn’t really worried as the feline surely knows his way home.

Photo Credit: Brandi Schmidt/The Dodo

In those little adventures of Ron, little did Brandi know that he has found himself a second family. And what’s funnier was that she found her cat on a lost pets’ Facebook page, when in fact, he wasn’t even missing!

Brandi couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing Ron’s goofy face on the page. “I found out he was on the missing page because I had a friend send me a screenshot.”

Photo Credit: Brandi Schmidt/The Dodo

The fur mom was happy that Ron has clearly come a long way, from being a grumpy cat who hated people to making new friends himself, who even became his second family.

”He apparently had been hanging out at the neighbor’s house, and I’m sure they fed him, which I know he loved because we were all on a diet at the time in this house.”

Photo Credit: Brandi Schmidt/The Dodo

Ron apparently frequents the neighbor’s house, has made new friends there, and is usually getting extra snacks. And for Brandi, this is something incredibly great for him.

Source: The Dodo

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