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Peaceful, Beautiful Moments Of Protests That Will Tug The Heartstrings



  • The country and the people are banding together, marching on the streets to end institutional racism.
  • This movement is the response to the murder of countless black men and women in the country.
  • These photos only show that protests can be peaceful… and that there’s no need to resort to violence to get the message across.

The people come out in force, marching on the streets to protest police brutality and institutional racism in the country.

Here are 10 beautiful moments that happened in these peaceful protests.

1. One of the protesters reaches out her hand, asking the police officer to kneel with her to protest the racial killing that has killed black men and women in the country.

2. Nursery school teachers and their students visit the place where George Floyd was killed to pay their respects.

3. NYPD Police Chief Terence Monahan kneeling in Washington Square Park during a demonstration to show his solidarity with the protesters.

4. The “die-in” in Columbus, Ohio on June 1. The people gathered to demand justice for George Floyd at the State Capitol.

5. Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen links arms with the protesters on the streets, demanding an end to police brutality.

6. A little girl and her brother give out free doughnuts to the people cleaning up the streets after the protests in Seattle.

7. Terrence Floyd, George’s brother, attends the vigil held at the site where his brother was killed by police in Minneapolis.

8. In Boston, medical workers stand outside a hospital to applaud the people marching on the streets to protest the murder of George Floyd. 

9. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo walks arm-in-arm with the people during a “Justice for George Floyd” demonstration in Texas on May 30. 

10. In Atlanta, Georgia, Amal Bennett-Judge wears a shirt that reads “Being Black Is Not a Crime,” during a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest

Source: People