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Pet Cam Shows Rescue Dog Spend “Entire Day” in Owner’s Bed [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Harlan, a rescue dog, has gained internet fame on TikTok for her adorable antics of “making herself at home” in her owner’s bed, frolicking, and nesting in it while her owner is at work.
  • Emma Lee Fitzwater, Harlan’s owner, shares that she believes Harlan’s love for her bed could be due to the comforting scent of her family. Experts affirm the significant role that scent plays in a dog’s sensory experience and memory.
  • Harlan’s amusing and heartwarming videos not only entertained TikTok users but also highlighted the personality and warmth of rescue dogs, as well as the bond they share with their owners.

Ever stumbled upon your pet living its best life on your bed while you’re away?

Harlan, a delightful blend of Belgian shepherd, Siberian husky, and chow chow, surely knows how to seize the day, turning a Tempur-Pedic bed into her personal playpen, leaving TikTok users bursting with laughter and admiration.

Emma Lee Fitzwater (@brady_mama_), Harlan’s 33-year-old high school teacher owner from North Carolina, shared the hilarious security-camera footage on her TikTok.

An initially well-made bed was the stage for Harlan’s day of frolic.

Nesting, sniffing, rolling, and belly-up relaxation, Harlan did it all.


itzwater laughingly confessed that she had never caught her canine companion in her bed upon returning from work, yet the camera didn’t lie.

This bed-hopping mischief began quite recently, according to Fitzwater, who previously allowed Harlan full range in her house, from being “kennel-trained” to now “roaming free”.

While the shenanigans leave the bed a tad messier than preferred, Fitzwater’s prime suspect behind Harlan’s penchant for the bed is her love for her family’s scent.

A 2020 study published in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology revealed dogs are extraordinarily tuned to familiar odors, even in the absence of the person.

Fitzwater and her 5-year-old daughter share their bed with Harlan, making it a veritable treasure trove of comforting scents for this savvy canine.

“It was Harlan!” came the revelation from Fitzwater’s daughter, when her mother noticed the bed was in a disarray one day after work.


What followed was the unraveling of Harlan’s secret bed soirees.

“Sure enough, this crazy pooch spent the entire day nesting in my bed!” Fitzwater recounted the joyous discovery.

The irresistibility of a Tempur-Pedic mattress, coupled with the pleasant sunlight and a window view, further encouraged Harlan’s ‘make-myself-at-home’ adventures.

Despite her amusement, Fitzwater cherishes the fact that Harlan, a rescue, feels comfortable enough to act like the “princess” she is in her forever home.

The TikTok video of Harlan’s innocent indulgence has captured the hearts of viewers, eliciting comments like “Good boy,” “So cute!” and “Nesting.”

As Harlan continues to enjoy her day-long lounging, her story is a reminder of the joy pets bring into our lives, even when we’re not watching.


As for Fitzwater, coming home to a slightly messy bed seems a small price to pay for the heartwarming sight of Harlan luxuriating in her absence, undeniably secure and content in her loving home.

“She’s just always been the type of dog to make herself at home, and I love that,” Fitzwater said, giving her seal of approval to Harlan’s secret escapades.