Pit Bull Won’t Let Mom Out Of His Sight… Even When She’s Using The Bathroom [Video]

  • A video of a dog entering the bathroom while his mom is in there is now making the rounds of the internet, racking 1.7 million views.
  • Diesel is his mom Kristen’s service dog which means he is there for his mom 24/7.
  • Diesel calms his mom down when she suffers from depression and anxiety attacks and so he just remains true to his task no matter where it is.

“Ooooppps, Mom… I’ll be with you even in the bathroom.” This may well be what Diesel, the service dog of Kristen, is telling her when he opened the door to the bathroom, poked his head, entered the room and stayed.

When Kristen took Diesel in, she knew she would have no privacy when it comes to Diesel.  They have been doing everything and going everywhere together. Kristen and Diesel go to the beach, the gym, and at Diesel’s service training at different stores and public places. Nothing escapes Diesel.

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The reason is that Kristen has bouts of depression and anxiety.  Diesel calms her down when these attacks occur.  And so, he is with her 24/7, everywhere. Bathroom time included.

As the video’s caption read, “He’s a 10 but he has separation anxiety…”.  Diesel is shown opening the door and his happy face emerges.  He then closes the door behind him. That’s another thing that makes Diesel endearing. He may not respect his owner’s privacy but he sure is polite.

Photo Credit: @dieselandkristen (TikTok)

With sweet boy Diesel’s expressive face and his round eyes showing his love and appreciation for his mom, who would not come to love him?  And who would not enjoy watching Diesel’s “invasion of privacy” video that has now gone viral with 1.7 million views?  You cannot resist it, right?

Good job, Diesel!

Source: Daily Paws

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I have a pomchi that is the same way; jumps on the cart when I go for the mail; beats me to the door of my auto so he will not be left behind. Comes into the bathroom and lays down until I come out of the tub. He even jumps into the swimming pool to join me. A loveably guy if there ever was one.

2 of my cats do the same thing. And When I get a bath, They are in there with me.

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