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Pup Who Went Viral Because Of His Toothy Smile Has Found His Forever Home



  • Burreaux, a rescue puppy, has found his forever home after he went viral in a video that shows his toothy grin.
  • He was adopted by Hollie King who is yet to discover if his special smile is just a puppy face or something that he can do skillfully.
  • Recently, many rescue animals have been adopted after becoming viral, thanks to the power of the internet!

A rescue puppy with strangely cute smile that has stolen the internet now found his forever home finally. 

Photo by Hollie King

Labrador-retriever mix, Burreaux, went viral in a video that was shared by the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana last month. The video with over 500,000 views on Facebook shows the 8-week-old puppy showing off a toothy smile as people walk by.

“Burreaux begging for attention,” the video caption goes. “Oh and this smiler still needs a home.”

The clip made a wave online and his smile struck the viewers’ hearts. Many people believed Burreaux was smiling to his future parents and true enough, Burreaux was adopted in the next few days.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

“Burreaux has been adopted and [he is] in a loving home,” a Humane Society staff told Insider, adding that the dog’s sister is still up for adoption.

Hollie King, the pup’s new parent, who renamed him to Pappy, told Insider that she still doesn’t know if Pappy’s ridiculous and adorable smile is just a phase, or will it last long because that’s what his new parents would want.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

“His smile is what drew us into adopting him,” Hollie said. “So far he hasn’t smiled, not one time. I figured it’s either he’s still trying to get used to us or keeps getting distracted by everything. He really is the sweetest thing ever.”

Pappy is not the first one to get adopted after becoming viral in social media. Recently, the “world’s worst cat,” got viral in an ad by a North Carolina animal rescue in which the feline was called a “jerk.”

In November last year, Quilty, a rescue cat, also became famous after some viral posts leaked his mischievous deeds how he helped other animals escape their cages! Because of that fame, Quilty has found his forever home.

Source: Aol