Pure Kindness: Dog Helps Three-Legged Dog Scratch Itch He Can’t Reach [Video]

  • While on a visit to a market, Myriam Rangel noticed two dogs who exhibited an example of unconditional love.
  • The three-legged dog failed to scratch an itch with his missing appendage and the four-legged dog scratched it for him.
  • The four-legged dog just saw the need for him to help his friend without any prompting.

We have read and seen stories of dogs not leaving their humans or buddies when accidents occur.  There was one dog who waited for help when his buddy was hit by a car and even accompanied the rescuers and his friend to a hospital.  And dogs who stayed by their human’s side until they were rescued.  Dogs are loyal like that.  They would do anything for a friend. 

In a food market in Tepic, Mexico, Myriam Rangel came upon a scene involving and showing a dog’s love that would remain in her memory for a long time.  Rangel even shared the story to remind us of how a dog’s love is sometimes just what you need when you are down.

@myriamrangel74 Aquí en el Mercado por desgracia hay muchos perritos abandonados, ellos son un amor y aquí una pequeña muestra #fyp #mercado #abasto #perro #abandona #amor #fiel #cuidalos #amistad #empatia #resilencia #sabado #dios #cafe #cuidalos ♬ Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel – SantaJulia

Rangel has been feeding the stray dogs in her community and the sight of dogs in a public market was not rare.  She noticed that one had only three legs.  And it was attempting to scratch an itch with what was left of his missing leg.  It was just a slight movement but you would know his intent.

And his four-legged friend got the message and proceeded to come near him and started scratching his neck.  Nibbling him from his neck to his shoulders until he reached the back part near his tail.

You could see the relief that the three-legged dog showed on his face as the scratching continued.

Photo Credit: Myriam Rangel

What a selfless gesture from the four-legged dog!

As Rangel wrote in her video, “[Dogs] are love. This is a small example.”

When Rangel posted the clip, she learned from commenters that the two are not strays but beloved pets of maybe a vendor at the market whom the dogs love to be with.

Their owner must be proud of them.

Source: The Dodo

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