Quick-thinking FedEx driver saves family from burning house [Video]

  • Rashad Conwell, FedEx driver, was on his typical route on Tuesday when he noticed a burning house in Tega Cay, South Carolina.
  • Rashad, who knows the family who lived there, went on and knocked on the door, warning them about the situation.
  • The family was able to come out safely, thanks to Rashad’s prompt action!

A family was fortunate that a man happened to be at the right place, at the right time when their house was on fire.

On his regular route Tuesday, FedEx driver Rashad Conwell passed by Tega Cay, South Carolina on Tuesday when he noticed that a house was on fire.

Familiar that the family is “always home,” he promptly sprang into action and let the woman know that the garage was on flames. And that later on has saved their lives.

Rashad told WBTV-TV that he knows the neighborhood. “The area is great,” he said. “I know everybody by name. Most everybody by name. I know their kids, their dogs, what kind of cars they drive. I’m very used to this area and they’re very used to me.”

Photo Credit: FOX 46 Charlotte/YouTube

“My initial thought was get everybody out of the house because they’re always home, they’re always home,” Rashad added.

With his warning, as well as the notice of a neighbor who also saw the fire and checked in, the woman, her husband, grandson and dog had escaped safely.

“It was so hot. I have burns on my nose and on my face, I just ran down the side of the driveway to get away from it,” one of the residents named John said.

Photo Credit: FOX 46 Charlotte/YouTube

The couple was sad for losing their home of 10 years, but they were more than grateful that no one was hurt and they all came out safely before the house was entirely burned. They were also thankful for the two “neighborhood heroes” who warned them about the fire.

John added, “If they didn’t knock on the door to tell us to get out, I would have been sitting in that room above the garage.”

Source: Tank’s Good News

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