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Rescue Cat Finds Comfort In His Dog Brother’s Fur



  • Basil and his siblings were rescued from the streets of San Jose, California, and were put quickly into foster care.
  • With the help of their new foster family, they are recovering fast and surviving.
  • Their foster dog brother, Angus, became best friends with Basil instantly!

Last month, Basil and his siblings were rescued by the Humane Society Silicon Valley from the streets of San Jose, California. They were then placed into the care of foster parents.

Soon enough, the sickly and thin kittens grew stronger and stronger each day. Finally, they were able to meet their dog brother, Angus.

“Basil is the most outgoing and adventurous of his siblings,” Alexandra Baggs, the organization’s content marketing manager, told The Dodo. “His foster mom describes him as ‘a bit of a wild child.’” 

Angus, on the other hand, loves taking care of his other foster siblings. As soon as he met the kittens, he was just as thrilled as them. They were a little shy — except for Basil!

Photo Credit: Humane Society Silicon Valley

“He walked right up, touched Angus’ face with his paw, and jumped around on his dog bed,” Alexandra said. “After a few minutes of playing, he snuggled right up to Angus and that’s been his pattern ever since. He was immediately sure that snuggling against Angus’ side was a safe place for him and never seemed to have any doubt.” 

Napping beside his brother, comfortable in his fur, is Basil’s favorite thing to do — so much that sometimes, his foster mom wouldn’t even notice he was there, hiding and blending with Angus’ hair.

Photo Credit: Humane Society Silicon Valley

“His foster family knew Basil was hanging out with Angus, but when she glanced over a minute later, she didn’t immediately see him,” Alexandra said. “She thought, ‘I know he was just there — where did he go?’”

When his foster mom finally spotted him, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Photo Credit: Humane Society Silicon Valley

It was so adorable so she grabbed her phone and snapped a photo. Angus and Basil are a perfect match indeed, even their colors.

It’s good to see that Basil has found a loving foster brother with whom he feels comfortable and safe to be around.

Source: The Dodo