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Rescue Goats Who Need Company At Night Get Comfort From Kevin The Plush Bear [Video]



  • The Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary in New Jersey takes care of goats with disabilities.
  • Due to a goat’s need to be cuddled and comforted, GOA makes sure that no goat is left alone except when they need to be isolated.
  • For situations like this, they let their giant teddy bear provide the warmth and comfort the goat or any animal needs.

It all started with a little rescue goat named Liam who just came back from the hospital.  He had to be left alone for biosecurity reasons and for him to heal faster. 

Goats of Anarchy (GOA) sanctuary in New Jersey has a policy to not leave a goat on its own because they are highly bonded and need cuddling.  But there are exceptions, like Liam, who had to be isolated.   

GOA got Liam a “big, giant teddy bear and put it in the stall with him.” The kid curled up to the bear named Kevin and stayed with him until he recovered and could be with the other goats.

Kevin gave Liam physical, mental and emotional comfort.

And now the bear is in demand for not just goats but other animals who need him.  The sanctuary’s animals even have a Kevin fans club and the most infamous member is Rupert.

Rupert is deaf and blind and even has a severe jaw deformity.  

The first time Rupert met Kevin, he immediately fell in love.  He just smelled and licked Kevin’s fur and cuddled up to the bear. And now, he enjoys the warmth and comfort Kevin provides.

Photo Credit: GOA/Instagram

At present, GOA takes care of goats with disabilities and currently, 172 goats and other farm animals call it their home.

Sanctuary president and founder, Leanne Lauricella said that at one time they put the giant plush on their Amazon wishlist, so more animals can be serviced at one time.

Photo Credit: GOA/Instagram

They received a lot of Kevins that they spread out the bears all over the sanctuary.  And since they already have enough, they gave out the other bears to other goat sanctuaries.  And the results are the same — the goats love cuddling with the bear.

But not only goats. Other GOA sanctuary animals, like the ducks, have also enjoyed snuggle sessions with Kevin.

Photo Credit: GOA/Instagram

Kevin may be inanimate but humans can learn from him to just provide warmth and comfort to those who need it.  

Source: People