Rescuer Took A Chance On ‘Aggressive’ Dog About To Be Euthanized And The Result Is Incredible

  • A dog’s behavior is reflective of the environment and training that it has received.
  • Rocco, a Border Collie, was deemed aggressive and was about to be put down when a dog trainer intervened.
  • Because of the attention and kindness of the dog trainer, Rocco is now a changed dog who is looking for a forever home.

No dog is ever born aggressive, just like people are not born bad.  The environment that they grow up in determines how they will behave. 

Take the case of a border collie who was deemed aggressive and people are cautious around him.  His chances of being adopted are very slim as no one would take him in because of his behavior.

But a dog trainer who goes by the name @thedogdaddyofficial on TikTok took a chance on him and proved others wrong.

The Border Collie dog named Rocco was on the list to be put down because the shelter staff were scared of him.  He kept lashing out at them and for days, they could not even remove his cone.   

Thanks to @thedogdaddyofficial who provides his services for free to rescues and shelters, Rocco overcame his negative behavior.  The dog trainer patiently and calmly took the dog out on walks, talked to him and assured him that it was okay.


Must watch the end of this video 😭

♬ original sound – Dog Daddy

The intervention gave Rocco the chance to be adopted and find love and kindness from his parents in his forever home.

As @randybroadway465 commented, “Sweet baby, he just needed someone to take the time to help,” and @holisticwellnesschels who added, “This breaks my heart. Border collies are SO intelligent and need so much stimulation. I hope he finds his forever home.”

Photo by Jiasong Huang on Unsplash

The transformation from being an angry pup to a trainable and behaved dog has gotten praises for the dog trainer. @the_one_with_the_flareup wrote, “This is everything! Thank you for helping him! Breaks my heart to see dogs not loved!” While another, said, “Thank you so much for taking the time and patience to finding the good boy within.”

We hope you find your forever home soon, Rocco!

Source: Pet Helpful

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