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Sad Dog Who Lost His Dad Now Found A New Family



  • For some unknown reasons, Bruno’s previous owner was no longer in the apartment they used to live in, and the pup was also unwanted there. 
  • So when he met Lujan and her boyfriend, it was such a blessing because he was loved and cared for. 
  • They also found him a forever home and he is now living happily.

Bruno’s life has changed so much for the better now that it was hard to imagine he has been rejected and unwanted in the past.

Recently, Lujan Videla was out for a walk with her boyfriend when she spotted a pup for the first time — it was Bruno. 

“He was so alone and disoriented,” Lujan told The Dodo. “I told my boyfriend to stay with him and to wait to see if his owner would appear.”

Photo Credit: Lujan Videla

Sadly, nobody came. 

After a while, Bruno started walking and led them to the entrance of an apartment building.  

“We followed him, and noticed that he wanted to enter the building,” Lujan said.

Photo Credit: Lujan Videla

But they saw a post on the door that said: “Keep out the dog.”

They tried to talk with a resident and soon they learned that Bruno once lived with an old man who was believed to have passed away, or forced to leave. 

Long story short, Bruno was homeless — something he did not understand right away. He wanted to enter the building and stay where he once lived but the owner wouldn’t let him.

Photo Credit: Lujan Videla

“It makes you realize how indifferent people can be,” Lujan said. “Bruno was so sad. He was desperate to enter.”

They brought Bruno home and tried their best to look for his owner. But all their efforts were in vain. It was heartbreaking to them as much as it was to Bruno. 


Lujan and her boyfriend took care of Bruno as best as they could and soon, Bruno started healing. 

Photo Credit: Lujan Videla

“The days went by and his face changed,” Lujan said. “He began to be happy.”

Although there was no longer space for Bruno because they already have rescue dogs at home. But that’s okay, because they found the perfect forever home for the pup. 

“He was adopted by a very trustworthy person who lives across the street from where I live,” Lujan said. “We go on walks together. He is very happy.”

She hopes that Bruno’s story inspires others to be more compassionate toward animals. 

“Some people don’t realize that they are living beings that feel the same as us,” Lujan said, noting that now, “Bruno’s like a whole new dog.”

Source: The Dodo