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Seattle’s Workout-Loving Dog Turned Social Media Sensation



Quick Smiles:

  • Dooma, a three-year-old dog from Seattle, amusingly mimics her owner’s workout routine.
  • In a charming video, the fit dog is spotted performing a set of squats alongside Dr. Evan Strahl at a local fitness center.
  • Beyond indoor exercises, Dooma competes in various dog sports and revels in outdoor adventures such as swimming and hiking.

Introducing Dooma, a fitness-focused, three-year-old dog from Seattle. Accompanied by her owner, Dr. Evan Strahl, Dooma enthusiastically participates in gym sessions that are hard to overlook.

In a widely circulated video, Dooma is captured emulating Dr. Strahl’s workout, performing a set of squats with a level of gusto that could motivate any observers. Dooma’s dedication during her ‘workout’ might have you pondering the addition of a furry, four-legged companion to your own exercise schedule.

Upon discussing Dooma, Dr. Evan Strahl shared, “She competes in numerous dog sports, and also adores swimming and hiking.”

Dooma is not only a fitness enthusiast but also leads a dynamic lifestyle outside the gym setting. Engaging in dog sports, swimming, and hiking, she truly exemplifies a well-rounded, active dog.

Although the video featuring Dooma has garnered significant attention, some viewers have shared that they find the background music less than enjoyable. Therefore, you may prefer to mute the music while watching.


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