“Seniors 4 Seniors” Program: Pairing Lonely Seniors with Homeless Cats Is A Success

  • Stray and feral cat population is lessened through the Senior 4 Senior Program of the nonprofit Feline Urban Rehab and Rescue (FURR) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  • The program has successfully matched around 700 senior humans and cats each year since 2020.
  • Senior humans provide the love and home while FURR provides the medical costs for the health upkeep of the cats. 

Each year, the Seniors 4 Seniors Program traps, neuters and finds homes for around 700 strays and feral cats in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  That is amazing!

The program is two-pronged: It reduces the homeless cat population and provides the companionship that our senior citizens need.  It is fulfilling a mutual need in a humane and heart-melting way. Lonely people who are at least 62 years old, are paired with a senior cat. 

Photo Credit: FURR (Facebook)

The human has to provide for the food and love but the medical expenses in the treatment of the cats’ ailments are taken care of by the nonprofit Feline Urban Rehab and Rescue (FURR).

FURR has been running the program in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania since 2020.

Program chair Heather Sweigert said, “The biggest obstacle in the way of senior citizens adopting animals is typically the medical bills, so by us covering those bills, we allow seniors to get the love and benefits of having a feline companion without having to worry about unexpected costs.”

Photo Credit: FURR (Facebook)

FURR’s matchmaking process is meticulous so as to perfectly pair the senior cat with its foster human.  Being kept indoors is a top consideration and both should have compatible lifestyles.

As one of the program’s beneficiaries, Ken Johnson, an amputee, said of his cat Tully,  “We have the same type of life, so that’s why we bonded. He’s my little buddy, and we have a great friendship.”

Photo Credit: FURR (Facebook)

Congratulations to FURR for this genius way of meeting the needs of both humans and cats while making their lives and society better.  You can say it is a match that is hatched on earth but blessed by heaven.

Source: Inspire More

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