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Seven Dogs with Different Special Needs are Living the Best Times of their Lives in this Woman’s Care



  • Tracey Fowler always has a soft spot for dogs with special needs.
  • After her German shepherd, who was in a wheelchair, died a few years ago, she made it her mission to care for dogs with disabilities.
  • Seven dogs with different disabilities are now living the good life in her care.

It has always been hard for animals with special needs to find their forever home. Most of the time, potential parents shy away because of the meticulous care they require.

Thankfully, the Fowler residence in Mendon, Vermont, has become a safe haven for differently-abled dogs. An adorable pack of dogs with special needs, nicknamed “The Fowler Herd”, is now living the good life in the care of a kind and loving woman.

Photo Credit: The Fowler Herd/Facebook

Tracey Fowler has always been a dog lover. She especially favors shelter dogs who never get chosen—the ones with disabilities that require thorough care and attention. She understands that they also need love as much as any other dog, so she made a vow to be their hero.

Tracey’s mission started when her best friend, Hayden, a German shepherd, died a few years ago. Hayden was suffering from degenerative myelopathy, which led to him inevitably needing a wheelchair to move around. The adorable pup remained very playful until the end. That inspired Tracey to make a difference in the lives of other dogs like him.

Photo Credit: The Fowler Herd/Facebook

“This sweet, curious, stubborn, sometimes full of life and love boy is the reason I am who I am today,” she wrote.

Now, all the other dogs Tracey has adopted are living their best life just like how Hayden lived it. The seven dogs have never been happier, thanks to Tracey’s care.

Photo Credit: The Fowler Herd/Facebook

Not only does Tracey give them so much love, support, attention, and care, but they also play with and enjoy each other’s company.

Photo Credit: The Fowler Herd/Facebook

Last winter, they played in the snow with the skis.

Posted by The Fowler Herd on Monday, March 2, 2020

Tracey is like an angel sent from above for caring for these little sweethearts that heaven surely favors.

Source: inspireMORE