Shy dog falls in love with neighbor the first time she sniffs him

  • Lola the golden retriever recently moved into her new home with her mom.
  • Immediately after moving in, Lola’s mom noticed that she was interested in the neighbor’s dog. 
  • The two dogs would jump up against the fence to see each other. 

Cupid’s arrow may strike you right in the heart at any time.

Amber Monte relocated to Surrey, England, a few months ago. She brought her pets with her, including Lola, a golden retriever who works as a doggie model. Amber observed Lola was quite interested in the “boy next door” almost immediately after moving in.


Lola sniffed out Loki, a Staffordshire terrier who lives next door, despite Amber’s grass being separated from her neighbor’s lot by a large privacy fence. When the dogs were out at the same time, they’d jump up against the fence to get a better look at each other.

Amber expected them to become neighbor friends because Lola is shy. She has a history of being afraid of larger dogs, but she didn’t appear frightened about her new companion Loki. A month after they settled in, Amber saw Lola was actually wanting to go out solely to visit her new boyfriend.


“When we let her out, the first thing she’ll do is jump up at the fence to see if Loki is out,” said Amber. “If Loki isn’t out, she’ll sit and wait by the fence.”

From then, the canine love tale took off! Loki figured out a way to get over the barrier and spend longer with his girlfriend. Amber claims that when they open the back door, Loki is waiting for Lola to appear, but don’t worry, Loki’s humans are fine with the arrangement.


Loki and Lola spend as much time as they can in their backyards these days!

“They are so excited to see each other when they play — there’s lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing!” said Amber. “They are inseparable when they are together.”

This love story appears to be destined! There are no star-crossed lovers here; just two neighbors who knew they were soul mates at first sniff.

Source: Inspire More

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