Skateboarding dog wows the internet [Video]

  • Chowder used to be a sad and remote dog.
  • One day, he discovered a boogie board on the beach and learned how to balance in the water.
  • From then on, he learned how to skateboard and became an expert at it. 

Chowder lives in Oregon with his human family, and his very unique skating talents have recently gained him a lot of attention online. Chowder’s interest in the sport was discovered by chance, according to owner Jani Delperdang, but it has since become his passion.


Chowder first came upon a board at the beach. Jani recalled a situation in which her dog took a boy’s boogie board and refused to return it! He was hooked from the moment he learned to balance on the board in the water. The next obvious step was to get him a skateboard. His first skateboard was a thrift store find, but he now has a variety of options.

Chowder began surfing in 2018, and he has become an expert. He leans into curves and turns the board with his body, and he can stop on a dime.

@chowderthebulldog Hmm…Funny pick today. A retired board that he hasn’t ridden for awhile😂🤷‍♀️ #skate #skateboard #skateboarding #decisions #dogtok #pubgmobile #skatetok ♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

According to Jani, for the first two years of Chowder’s existence, he appeared melancholic and distant, even bored. They attempted to find activities for him that he would love. But he was overjoyed when they brought home his first board.

Jani’s entire family now skateboards and is active in the local skate scene. Chowder is well-known throughout the area. Jani’s usage of social media has now allowed the rest of the globe to meet this local celebrity. Chowder presently has over 1.5 million TikTok admirers and even more on Instagram.

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It may appear simple for Chowder, but Jani is keen to remind out that it took her dog years to master the sport. She claims that safety is always their primary priority and that they would never do anything to endanger Chowder. In fact, many of her films warn against simply putting your dog on a board and hoping it works. It’s better to start cautiously in a safe atmosphere and watch for their cues to see if they’re having fun.

“He’s never ever been injured,” Jani said. “His pads have developed thick calluses over years of skating so his paws are not sensitive at all.”

@chowderthebulldog Hi friends. Chowder lives for his skating time. A mini-vlog about our practice session today. Our focus is on making sure he is safe & having fun. Please watch our skate safety video & this video about how Chowder stops. @chowderthebulldog Additional safety notes in pinned comments. #skate #skateboarding #practice #familytime #adventurevibes #puppiesoftiktok #dogtok #weekendvibes #vlog ♬ Happy (Instrumental) – Big Beats

Chowder has learned a lot about skateboarding in a short amount of time, which is incredible! He began three and a half years ago and is now a seasoned pro!

Our hearts have been won over by chowder! After all, it’s not every day that you come across such a gifted canine. He’d win a gold medal in the dog Olympics without a doubt.

Source: Inspire More

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