‘Spoiled’ Cat Refuses To Eat Until Food Is Served Correctly [Video]

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  • Fritz, a ginger cat, refuses to eat his food unless it’s prepared correctly.
  • His owner said that he has to pile up the food with a spoon or Fritz will not eat it.
  • Viewers found Fritz’s pickiness hilarious and joked that cats can be “dictators.”

Fritz the ginger cat has gone viral on TikTok for his picky eating habits.

In the video shared by his owner, we can see Fritz throwing his owner an expectant look as he sits next to a plate full of food.

His owner wrote in the video caption, “He’s waiting for me to make a pile with the spoon so that he can eat it better.” Fritz only starts eating after his food has been flattened.

A viewer noted, “Cats are just little furry dictators.”

Cats can be really fickle when it comes to food. According to a study published by PLOS Genetics journal, picky eating could be caused by cats’ genetic differences from most mammals. Cats lack the necessary genes for tasting sweet substances. This could be why pet cats, like wild cats, eat few carbohydrates and choose protein.

Smell is also a big factor since a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times strongerย than a human’s.

Pet-food maker Purina suggests keeping your distance during meal time, since “some cats don’t enjoy an audience when they eat.” Others meanwhile, “love company and may only eat when being gently stroked or hand fed.”

Other suggestions include ensuring the bowl or plate is clean, replacing the food supply, or heating it up.

“If your cat has started to turn their nose up at their usual wet food, it could be because it’s too cold,” Purina explained. “Wet food can lose its tasty aroma when kept in the fridge, and your cat won’t eat what they can’t smell. Try warming chilled wet food in the microwave for a few seconds so that it reaches room temperature, and it should hopefully tempt your cat to tuck in.”

Photo Credit: Kabo/Unsplash

Viewers made several suggestions, including using a different bowl, since the current one could be “hurting its whiskers.”

The original poster responded, “Thanks for your concerns. It’s more like he flattens the tuna with his tongue and then he can’t bite it properly. It’s just a tuna thing.”

Other viewers shared how they can relate.

Kate Ashley wrote, “I literally just pointed to this and told my cat ‘that’s you.'” CassandraAnng agreed: “I call that zhuzhing the food, I would usually heat it up in the microwave.” Navigate with Jen stated, “My cat expects treats then acts like Gordon Ramsay when there is none.”

Source: Newsweek

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Omg! My cat does the same thing!
She eats dry food and would have a full bowl of food but would herd me to the bowl and act like it was empty. I finally decided the bowl was too small, touching her whiskers, but a bigger bowl made no difference. Dummy me finally figured out that that she wants it piled up!
I knew she was a major Diva, but now she has become a tyrant DIVA! ๐Ÿ˜ปโœจ

Something my cats would do. In the winter I must warm there can of food up a little bit, So they eat it. Just like us. They dont like cold food.

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