Strangers Give The Most Awesome Birthday Party To Girl Who Just Lost Her Mom [Video]

  • Charlotte Joy’s birthday was fast approaching and only one classmate responded to her birthday party invitation.
  • Charlotte’s sister appealed on TikTok asking people to show up because their mom passed away just a few months before her birthday.
  • Strangers came through for Charlotte with their presence, presents and kindness.

Charlotte Joy lost her mom to brain cancer a few months before her birthday.  Her sister, Chloe Sexton, tried to organize a party and invited her classmates but only one child responded.  Even with a note at the back of the invitations to let them know if they can come or not, only one did.

Chloe was heartbroken for her sister at the dismal response and so a day before the party she posted an emotional appeal on TikTok: “For anybody who has a kid that they’re raising, if a kid in your child’s class gives out birthday invitations, just come. It’s like, an hour or two of your life.”


Just go to the birthday party youre invited to 🥺 #birthday #grief #kids

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Through tears, she said, “Please just come. “My little sister turns 8 tomorrow. Her birthday party is going to be this weekend. Our mom died of brain cancer 83 days ago. One—one child from her class RSVP’d. I haven’t even told her that. Like why? Why? Her whole class knew what happened.”

She had no idea that her appeal garnered nearly 10 million views, with strangers offering to help. And so, Charlotte’s birthday became a story for generations to tell.

With a beautiful “Encanto” backdrop (complete with a colorful balloon arch) filling their living room, children had a grand time riding on a party pony and petting reptiles. Gifts were even handed out by a parade of 30 Jeeps down the street and Charlotte had her own customized jeep!


Replying to @chloebluffcakes thank you, from deep in my heart. Thank you alyssa, taylor, abby, cindy, libby and wveryone else who helped make this possible. You didnt just save a little girl from heartbreak, you saved something in me ♥️ birthdayparty.

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Charlotte can be heard saying, “It was even more beautiful than I thought it would be!”

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, a heartbreaking birthday party was averted and turned into a party that dreams are made of.

And the celebration did not stop that day.  Birthday cards and gifts are still coming. Chloe said her P.O. box is filled “to the brim everyday” with birthday cards from people on TikTok. Charlotte and Chloe also made a lot of new friends at that magical party.

Humanity does come through for each other.

Source: Upworthy

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I love your stories so much, the story about the lab protecting the families children was wonderful and the birthday party story was truly heartfelt, shows their are still some amazing beautiful people out there❤️🎁🎂🎈🎉❤️

I’m glad that little girl had a Great party! Hope she can over come some of the grief! Carry on young lady and keep mom in your thoughts and prayers! Put you trust in GOD!

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