Stray Cat Follows and Adopts Café Regular [Video]

Stray Cat Follows and Adopts Café Regular

  • Basil Akwan and his girlfriend have become regulars at a local café where two stray kittens also lounged.
  • The kittens soon got used to the two humans giving them treats and pets.
  • One day, one of the kittens followed Basil to his car, so the couple decided to adopt both kittens.

Basil Akwan and his girlfriend recently became regulars at their local café in Kuwait. The time outdoors soothed them both as they work.

It turns out that there were two others who frequented the café: two stray kitten sisters. The chairs provided comfy napping spots and the awning protected them from any harsh weather conditions.

Photo Credit: Basil Akwan

The kittens soon figured out that the human couple were easy pickings for treats and pets.

Basil told The Dodo, “We used to see them together all the time — they always waited in the same spot for us to come, even on rainy days. They would sneak on the table for food and cuddles.”

Photo Credit: Basil Akwan

One day, Basil found one of the cats, named Sophie, following him on his way home. She even hopped inside his car!

Realizing that she wanted to come home with him, Basil could not leave her behind.

So, he rescued Sophie while his girlfriend took in her kitten sister.


Four months later, Basil and Sophie are now enjoying a happy life together.

Basil shared that he gets her new toys all the time since she’s “extremely playful.” But what he loves the most about her is how she “adjusted” to his habits, including his sleeping patterns.

Basil now wakes up to this little adorable face each day.

Photo Credit: Basil Akwan

Like rescuers usually say, the rescuing “saves” both the rescued animal and the human rescuer. Basil couldn’t be happier that he took Sophie home.

“It’s such a rewarding relationship. Having such an unconditional love is priceless,” he said. “Knowing that I am going back every day to this little fluff makes my days better.”

Check out more of the adorable Sophie and her favorite human on TikTok.


Source: The Dodo

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I had a cat that would follow me around at work wanting attention after two weeks I took her home and she has been fine I’ve had her for 2 months now

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