Stray German Shepherd Follows A Woman Home and Chooses Her To Be Her Mom

  • Karen was taking a walk when she noticed a dog following her but at the same time, keeping a distance.
  • She waited patiently for the dog to approach her and decided to rescue the pup.
  • Karen named the dog Nala who turned out to be pregnant and gave birth a few days later in her home.

Karen was not expecting to bring home a new dog when she went out on a walk in her neighborhood. But she was aware that a German Shepherd was following her even if the pup kept her distance. 

She is no stranger to dogs.  She had a Golden Retriever dog, Lola, who she lost in 2019.  Karen was thinking of getting a new one but had no specific time, yet. 

But the dog following her tugged at her heart and she felt an instant connection with the pup.  She did not have it in her heart to just leave the dog alone.  She rescued the dog, brought it home and named her Nala.  

Karen said that she was the first one that the dog allowed to be close to her.  When she posted a video of Nala’s rescue, it just touched people’s hearts and made them happy.

Photo Credit: @karen_and_queen_nala (Instagram)

Karen said, “Nala followed me and removed any fears I had [of] finally getting a dog. Sometimes you have a situation you think you’re not ready for, and fate steps in and says, ‘Umm, yeah, you are.’”

She later learned that the neighbors, security and humane society all tried to catch Nala but could not.

Photo Credit: @karen_and_queen_nala (Instagram)

In her care, Nala thrived and even sprung a surprise on her.  When Nala showed signs of bloating and sickness, Karen had her checked with the vet and learned that Nala was pregnant. She later gave birth to eight healthy puppies just a few days after.

Photo Credit: @karen_and_queen_nala (Instagram)

The vet said that Nala may have already been pregnant when she decided to follow Karen. Now that she is safe and cared for, Nala can relax and give birth.  Karen said, “Nala is the best mom! I’m still in major shock and beyond happy!”

What a happy twist of fate for both Karen and Nala.  We wish you both long happy lives!  

Source: The Dodo

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