Stray Puppy Charms His Way To Rescue And Maybe To His Forever Home

  • Stray puppy takes a nap at a family home who rescued him.
  • He was taken to a shelter for veterinary tests and vaccinations where he was found healthy and eligible for adoption.
  • Brady the pup is currently living with a foster family and waiting to be adopted to his forever home.

No one knows where he came from.  No one knows his past.  But this puppy will find his way to your heart with his charming ways.  His days or months on the streets did not make him jaded.

But he sure does know that a nap is needed to survive.  Moreso that he is only four months old. And so, he curled up on the porch of a family who turned out to be his rescuers.

Donna Lochmann, chief life-saving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis said, “They’re animal-lovers and didn’t want to turn him away. So, they gave us a call.”

Lochamnn was surprised at how easygoing the puppy was because he was alone and yet he knew that people were not all bad.

Brady trusted Lochmann to pick him up and bring him to the shelter where he got a complete veterinary checkup.  Thankfully, he passed every test with flying colors! He even had a round of vaccinations.

He charmed everybody with his friendly ways and was not in any way scared or timid.  

Photo Credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis (Facebook)

With everything in good condition, he was given the thumbs up for adoption. 

Lochmann said, “He wasn’t here at the shelter for long. He found his foster home very quickly.”

Brady is thriving in foster care.  His foster parent reports that he loves snuggling and playing with toys, but is the friendliest pup to everyone he meets on his walks.

But ultimately, the shelter staff wishes he would find his forever home soon. So, to all potential adopters, go visit and let Brady charm his way to your heart.

You have our best wishes, Brady!

Source: The Dodo

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Such Loving & faithful Animals, abandoned & Alone. I’m sure no Human would want to be in their PITIFUL position. Please find ROOM in your Hearts, to give them a good loving home. They are protecting of family members, & will Not steal . Or take your money!( like humans do). They are excellent companions, you cannot go wrong, they want so little, & give a treasure full of loyalty. Please, give them a good live, they are taken from All over America& abroad , the traveling is scary & frightening, from state to country, just for someone to ❤️ LOVE them!!!

If a human can do this to a animal they would do it to another person. Shame on them! Animals are man’s best friend always loving and faithful.

I would love an older small dog my 2Boys have passed recently Ian very lonely with out them I would love ❤️ to adopt another older dog I have many many toys game clothes an beds 2 can you help me find another dog to Love and Cherish Thank you Pamela siegal 3522541729 Boxbury court illages Fl. Thank you