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Sweet Little Girl Without Hip Sockets Shocked Her Doctors When She Took Her First Steps! [Video]



  • Ava was diagnosed with multiple conditions in her spine, internal organs, and joints when she was born.
  • One, in particular, is that she does not have a left femur or hip sockets.
  • But when his baby brother was born, she became determined to learn things and even learned how to walk.

Ava is a naturally sweet little girl. So when the couple, Jennifer and Matt, found her pictures through the Special Angels Adoption program, they couldn’t help but fall in love with her. 

The adorable toddler was born with the need for extensive medical care. Her biological parents from China put her up for adoption in the U.S. because they believe that it’s where she would receive the best treatment. Now, after just a little over two years, she has already defied the odds that even her doctors were left in awe.

During her birth, Ava was diagnosed with multiple conditions concerning her spine, internal organs, and joints. For one, she has no left femur or hip sockets. The doctors were even unsure at first, which condition she would overcome in the future.

But everything changed when baby Harvey was born. As the older sister, Ava became more playful and lively. The siblings have developed a bond what every parent would want to see in their children. Later on, Ava was inspired by her little brother to explore more.

The couple have observed that as Harvey was growing and learning a lot of things, Ava was also determined to cope up. 

With Harvey as her inspiration, Ava has started to do the things her doctors thought she never could. She has learned how to sit up, crawl, and even get herself into her walker so she could go around the room. These were all special moments for her family!

But her recent achievement has really blown everyone away: Ava took her first steps for the very first time!


Ava’s determination is worthy to be admired, and we are sure, she would keep breaking barriers one after another!

Source: Inspire More