Sweet Mailman Has Adorable Routine With Cat Every Morning [Video]

mailman cat friends

  • Zeppelin the cat spends every morning waiting for the mailman to come by.
  • Whenever the mailman delivers the mail, the two friends have a short but sweet interaction that makes both their days.
  • Mail time has since become a highlight for Zeppelin, the mailman, and even Zeppelin’s mom!

Meet Zeppelin, a “feisty and playful” cat according to his mom, Marisa Jaffe. His favorite activity every morning is to wait for the mailman who drops by their house as he makes his way along his route.

Photo Credit: Marisa Jaffe

Zeppelin first discovered mail time about a year ago. He noticed that a man dressed in blue would always approach the front door at the same time every morning. The man would then slip some mail through the mail slot. Zeppelin loved playing with the papers and he grew particularly fond of pawing at them.

Soon, the mailman noticed that the cat has been having fun with the daily deliveries, so he decided to make it a game for both of them.

It wasn’t long before the two became friends and made mail time their favorite morning routine.

Photo Credit: Marisa Jaffe

Marisa shared that Zeppelin would always wait by the window every morning.

β€œWhen he sees the mailman coming down the street, he gets so excited and runs to the door! Highlight of his morning, for sure,” she added.

Take a look at the sweet interaction they have every morning:

Both the mailman and the cat get a boost of happiness every time they see each other!

Photo Credit: Marisa Jaffe

Zeppelin is always eager for their next interaction, which also brings a ray of sunshine to the mailman’s morning route.

Marisa feels “very grateful for their friendship” — she gets a boost of happiness, too. And now, thanks to that friendship, she also has a friendship with the mailman, too!

Source: The Dodo

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