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Giant Sea Turtle Almost Gave Up On Life Until One Man Came To Save Her [Video]

One unmoving turtle was spotted on the shore by the Escobar family while on a boat ride. They thought she was dead but when Miguel Angel Escobar checked on her, she moved and so...

Elephant Mother and Calf Heartbreaking Rescue Effort Is A Success [Video]

An elephant calf fell on a drainage hole and its mother desperately tried to get her out of the hole. The mother gets so distressed that she loses consciousness and has to be revived....

11-Yr-Old Girl Saves Neighbor’s Puppy From House Fire

Mackenzie Jenkins was in her yard when she realized one of her neighbors’ house was on fire. When the 11-year-old girl heard a puppy frantically barking inside, she immediately rushed home and called 911....