Elephant Mother and Calf Heartbreaking Rescue Effort Is A Success [Video]

  • An elephant calf fell on a drainage hole and its mother desperately tried to get her out of the hole.
  • The mother gets so distressed that she loses consciousness and has to be revived.
  • Both mother and calf have been successfully rescued by the veterinary and park staff.

When a calf fell on a drainage hole in a national park in Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok Province, staff and veterinary team worked immediately to rescue the calf.

Repeated efforts of the calf, the mother and the staff to get the calf out of the hole made the mother so distraught that she also fell into the hole.  The team had to use a crane to lift her out but in the process the mother fainted.  Now the team had to work overtime to get both mother and calf to safety.

The calf’s cries were heartbreaking. CPR is a difficult task to perform on humans.  It would take extraordinary skills and effort to do it on elephants.  Fortunately, the hardworking staff’s efforts revived the mother.  It also took a miracle to save the momma elephant.

Photo Credit: NBC New York (YouTube)

Connie Murray commented, “Grateful to the veterinarian and the park staff for saving both the mother and baby elephant. She added, “So great to read good news for a change!”

Photo Credit: NBC New York (YouTube)

Another commenter, Denise Whitney said, “So happy they were able to save these gorgeous animals. Great job. Never seen elephant CPR before. They were hero’s there.”

Photo Credit: NBC New York (YouTube)

Kudos to the staff of Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok Province national park. You are indeed heroes!

The elephants are magnificent creatures that deserve to live.

Source: Pet Helpful

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Blog Comments

Who’s stupid idea was it to jump all over the side of the mama ele and probably break a couple of her ribs? “Fainting” does not mean loss of breathing or heartbeat. What ignorant people. Glad the little one made it.

Great job folks!

You know, there’s an awful lot of negativity in this world, and I am sure that this story was shared to counter some of that. It’s too bad that some people feel it necessary to criticize the efforts put forth. I was taught when growing up, that if you can’t say something good, keep your mouth shut. Too bad that someone else wasn’t taught that, too. Just saying….