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Teen raises $15k, gives shoes and socks to grade school students



  • Sam Bregman, 16, started Shoes That Fit, a nonprofit aiming to give shoes to students all over the country.
  • Recently, he raised $15,000 to give shoes to all the students of Galveston Elementary School.
  • Sam plans to do the same for other schools.

While some teens could be dealing with some teenage problems, this 16-year-old boy had a “little trouble sleeping” thinking how to make a difference!

For the past eight months, Sam Bregman, a junior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona, has been working tirelessly to achieve his goal: raise $15,000 to provide over 450 pairs of shoes and socks to a school.

Photo Credit: Shoes That Fit/Facebook

The vision started five years ago when Sam started his side business of reselling limited-edition clothes and snickers. He realized how much impact a pair of shoes can do.

This realization grew stronger when his math class “adopted” a family for the holidays during his freshman years. One of the sons asked for a new pair of tennis shoes, which urged him and his classmates to pool money for the little boy. They then gifted him with a pair of Nike React Element 87s.

Sam said that “doing that made me so happy,” which sparked the idea of Shoes That Fit, his own journey to providing shoes to an entire school. For this outstanding teen, he wants to give kids new athletic shoes that will make them feel proud and cared for.

Sam started with nearby Galveston Elementary School, where one grateful boy happily exclaimed, “These are my only pair of shoes, and now I have two pairs!”

Photo Credit: Shoes That Fit/Facebook

According to Sam, these students are much less fortunate. Shoes are something that can be of big help to them and will surely “put a smile on everyone’s face.”

“I’m just so excited to finally be able to hand the students their shoes and socks,” Sam told FOX 10. “I have put months and months and months of work into this and seeing this all come to fruition is extremely exciting. I had a little trouble sleeping last night I was so excited!”

Despite his condition called postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) — a disorder that causes an abnormal increase in heart rate leading to dizziness and fainting — Sam dedicated his heart and soul to this project.

“It’s definitely been a challenge,” Sam said, “but this project has truly been a blessing for me, and it’s given me something to always look forward to and something to help spread hope and kindness throughout the community.”

Photo Credit: Shoes That Fit/Facebook

With the big accomplishment he’s done at a young age, Sam is still not done. He plans to do the same for another school.

For the principal of Galveston Elementary, Annette Addair, what this teenage boy did was truly overwhelming, as “it restores your faith in humanity for sure.”

And she’s definitely right.


Source: Inspire More