Ten-year-old Roman McConn’s mission: Find every dog a home [Video]

  • Ten-year-old Ronan McConn hopes to have every dog in America adopted.
  • His mission started small as a volunteer at shelters and now he has his own television show, “Roman To The Rescue.”
  • The show features adorable dogs and a veterinarian who evaluates which kid applicant would perfectly jive with the dog.

The rescue mission to find a home for every dog in America may be a tall order but if you start young, you might just be able to do it. 

At 4 years old, Ronan McConn was heartbroken when he learned that dogs from high-kill shelters that do not get adopted are put to sleep.  This spurred his mission to help in getting the pups in finding their forever homes.

Starting with volunteering at local shelters and making a video of the underdogs to let people know that they are up for adoption, was the first in his efforts toward achieving his goal.

Roman said, “We pick ones that have been there the longest and have the saddest story and are less likely to get adopted, like pit bulls, labs and other big dogs.”

By age 8, he created a YouTube show on the Dodo Kids network that features dogs that are ready for adoption.  This gave birth to the nonprofit Project Freedom Ride which sends Texas dogs to other states where they have better chances of finding new families to love them.  Thanks to Project Freedom Ride, 4,200 dogs have been transported since 2016!

With Roman’s current television show, “Roman To The Rescue”, you will get to know seventeen of the dogs that got adopted because of Project Freedom Ride plus get to know the personalities of new adoptable dogs. A trained veterinarian and Roman will select the perfect partnership between the kid applicant and a dog.

Roman said, “I feel so happy when the dog gets adopted. But sometimes it’s so hard to let the dog go.”

So, if you want to help Roman in his mission, watch out for “Roman To The Rescue” as it streams on Disney XD and Hulu.

For Roman, dogs are best friends who never judge you for anything and so having every dog in America getting adopted is a wish he hopes he can fulfill. Wouldn’t that be pawsome?

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kurt gandenberger

we love you roman. thanks for your work.