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Tetris Tune Like Never Before: Meet the Cockatiel Nailing the Classic [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A talented cockatiel on TikTok is serenading fans with the classic Tetris theme song.
  • Training birds to mimic tunes involves positive reinforcement, consistency, and lots of love.
  • While every bird might not hit the high notes, bonding over music enriches our bond with our feathered pals.

Ah, Tetris. The game of our childhood where we battled falling blocks and reveled in the victories of fitting them just right. The true marker of a game well played? That infectious background tune.

Now, prepare for a remix… performed by none other than a chirpy cockatiel!

“Imagine that tune, but performed by a cockatiel. Yep, you read that right— a TikTok star of the feathered variety,” states the original ParadePets article.

Thanks to @therealcrumpetdumpling, we now have a feathered prodigy, giving that 8-bit classic a new set of wings!

So, Tetris fans and bird lovers unite! Here’s a delightful duet waiting in the wings. 🎮🐦🎵

But how, you might wonder, did this melodic maestro master such a tune?


Apparently, it’s not rocket science, but rather a blend of natural instinct and a sprinkle of patience. The secret sauce? “Cockatiels are very social creatures and they love to communicate.”

So, with a pinch of positive reinforcement, a dash of consistency, and a spoonful of love, you’ve got yourself a recipe for a songbird.

While every bird may not be destined for the big stage (or big screen), there’s something simply magical about bonding with your pet over a tune.

So, the next time you hear a catchy tune, maybe let your feathered friend take a chirp at it. They might just be the next TikTok star waiting to take flight!