Thanks To Dog DNA Test, Senior Rescue Reunites With One Of Her Daughters [Video]

  • Bella the dog was used for breeding by her previous owner until her fertility stopped.
  • Bella was surrendered to a rescue center and transferred to four more centers before she met her dad, Matthew David.
  • Matthew David had Bella undergo DNA testing where she matched with her long-lost daughter and a reunion followed. 

When a dog is used for breeding, they are forced to give birth to as many litters that their bodies will allow.  After they give birth, their pups are separated from them to be sold.  They do not have a chance to be mothers to their kids. 

Bella lived that life until she was no longer fertile and her breeder gave her up.  She went to several dog rescue groups that included Girls of Dog Rescue before she met her dad, Matthew David.

David said that even with all the trauma and scars that Bella has gone through, Bella is the most gentle, sweet and affectionate dog that he has ever had. 

Bella is now a senior dog at 10 years old and David wants Bella to experience having a joyful life by letting her go on adventures with him.

Photo Credit: Matthew David

David also wanted to understand Bella’s origins and so he enlisted the services of a dog DNA testing named Embark to trace Bella’s relatives and breed.

With the unknown number of pups that she gave birth to, there’s bound to be a match.  And that’s where David learned of Bella’s daughter, June.

He contacted June’s owner and arranged for a reunion between Bella and June.

Photo Credit: Matthew David

David said, “Bella doesn’t have too many more years left, and I thought it would be fun for her to meet her pup. And perhaps as a way to heal from her past trauma.”

And it was a meeting of two dogs that had very similar behaviors— shy.

Photo Credit: Matthew David

But the moment Bella met June, she was welcoming towards her and when she sniffed June, she really showed interest.  According to David, “Bella usually ignores other dogs, so her immediately engaging with June makes me think there was a special bond.”

And so now, both David and June’s parents have decided on regular get-togethers for the mother and daughter. “It truly was fun seeing them interact. They got along really well and were very good to each other,” David said.

Source: The Dodo

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The story of the “dad” who traced his rescued dog’s roots and found her daughter seems like a miracle.

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