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This Cat Is Determined To ‘Help’ His Owner Work from Home



  • The community lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak has had people working inside their homes.
  • Pets like Percy suddenly find their owners with them all day.
  • Wherever his owner goes, Percy goes. Even if during her work hours, offering interesting suggestions on how to manage productivity and workflow within the day

Percy the cat is high-spirited ever since Jessy Robinson got him as a kitten. He spends his time trying to draw attention to himself from the family he adores very much.

“He loves being picked up but hates pats,” Jessy says. “He bites (not hard, usually) and he screams for attention. We all love him so much.”

The Dodo | Jessy Robinson

This community lockdown has, in some ways, worked out for the cat, excited now that he could spend his entire day with Jessy who usually goes out to work during the day. Percy could not be more excited about this.

“I started WFH three weeks ago,” Jessy said. “He was thrilled. He is an attention seeker!”

The Dodo | Jessy Robinson

Percy is excited that Jessy now works from home, the cat even tries to act like her coworker…

The Dodo | Jessy Robinson

… but she might have few complaints to file to HR about the cat.

When Jessy is on her computer to work, her cat would surely be all over her work station, offering interesting suggestions on how to manage productivity and workflow within the day. Jessy manages work around the distractions, but the more she tries to ignore her cat, the harder Percy tries to do something that would distract her from what she is doing.

“At least half of the day he is trying to get my attention,” Jessy said. “The rest of the day he sleeps on the chair or floor next to me.”

Percy does not yet understand why Jessy is working instead of playing with him; preoccupied at the moment because of how happy he is now that she is at home with him all day.

The cat will probably never waiver, he will keep trying to change her mind: playing is more fun than working.

Source: The Dodo