Online Star Ellie the Golden Can Smile On Cue For Photos [Video]

golden retriever smiles on cue

  • Ellie the Golden Retriever is an online superstar, and we can see why.
  • She knows a lot of tricks, including smiling on cue when taking pictures.
  • Ellie’s dad only has to say the word “smile,” and she would gladly smile for the camera.

Pets have been all the rage on social media for quite some time now, and we’re not complaining. Merely catching a glimpse of an adorable pet can brighten anyone’s day, so the more online-famous pets there are, the merrier!

Take Ellie the Golden Retriever for example. She has millions of followers on almost every social media platform there is! We can understand why, since she has a great presence online and offline. She and her golden sister, Emma, are both so comfortable in front of the camera. Ellie can even smile on cue!

Ellie’s dad, Kevin, only has to say the word “smile,” and the adorable golden would give her best smile.

We can see how they’re both enjoying the photoshoot, and Kevin was all smiles the entire time! We would definitely be having a great time, too, if we were posing for a photo with Ellie.

Millions of fans agree, and some even think that Ellie is more photogenic than they are. TikTok user @younginlpw shared, “she can pose better than I ever could.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/elliegoldenlife

TikTok user @kimd5740 expressed their love for Golden Retrievers, which they called the “best breed ever.” There are a lot of famous Golden Retrievers online, too, so we get what they mean. Not only are they gentle, but they are also playful and energetic.

Ellie and Emma are both talented as well. They know all kinds of tricks that their dad taught them! Take a look at their beautiful family taking a Christmas photo:


Photo 1 or 2 for our Christmas card? Sweaters from @Dog Threads #dtpartner #goldenretrieverlife

♬ original sound – Golden Retriever Life

TikTok user @sierradaniels13 said, “Omg if this isn’t GOALS, IDK what is.”

It’s definitely satisfying to teach your dog how to behave, pose, and smile in front of the camera!

You can learn more about Ellie and her family on their website, Golden Retriever Life.

Source: Pet Helpful

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that’s four beautiful smiles and they are such a fortunate family to have each other.