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Tired mama dog brings her puppies to her human mom [Video]



  • Giving birth to new life is a beautiful thing, but we all know how motherhood can be draining.
  • One new mama, an Australian Shepherd-Doodle mix, seemed to be too tired to care for her babies.
  • Her human mom shared how the new mama dog kept “dropping off” her puppies to the care of their grandma!

Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but everyone knows how tiring it can be. Moms need a break from the kids every now and then, so having another responsible caretaker to babysit is a huge help. One tired mama dog thought the same when she decided to “drop off” her puppies in the care of their grandma.

In a viral video shared on TikTok, an Australian Shepherd-Doodle mix dog can be seen handing off her puppies to her human mom.

In the short clip, we can see the mama dog coming up from the basement while carrying a tiny puppy in her mouth.

tired mama dog drops off her puppies to owner
Photo Credit: TikTok/savkaypierce

She then jumps onto the couch where her human mom is, and proceeds to plop her baby down, as if she wanted to say, “This tired mama dog needs a break! they’re all yours!”

Several amused viewers provided their own renditions of what the mama dog may be thinking, such as “Get your grandkid,” “This one’s crying, you take her,” and “Here Grandma, I’m done. I’m heading to the bar.”

It turns out that the mama dog later brought the rest of her puppies to grandma, for a well-deserved rest.


Reply to @kimberlypetroffsm she loves to share! she was doing this all night ♬ original sound – Savanah in Tennessee

While it may seem that she’s shifting her responsibility to her human mom, it also shows just how much she trusts her human!

Her human doesn’t mind, since the puppies are simply adorable!


Meet them one by one in this sweet video:

Grandma obviously loves babysitting — she can’t get enough of the tiny cuties and their baby whimpers!

The puppies’ mom, however, may just be too tired of their whimpering.

Photo Credit: TikTok/savkaypierce

We hope both mom and grandma get their rest whenever they need!

You can check out these lovable puppies’ progress on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful