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Trevor Noah Pledges To Pay Salaries Of The 25 In-Studio Crew Members Who Were Laid Off Due To Lockdown



  • The 25 in-studio crew members of the Daily Show—stage management personnel, camera operators,  video operators, and audio technicians—were laid off from their job because of the social distancing in place and studio production was stopped.
  • They have been close to Trevor Noah’s heart and the host has big respect for them.
  • So he pledged to pay for their salaries until production is back to business, because he wants them to get through this difficult time together.

The 25 employees of the Daily Show were laid off from their jobs after studio production was stopped last month. A new version of the show called The Daily Social Distancing Show With Trevor Noah was aired as a replacement done remotely by Noah and other staff who can work from home.

The social-distancing has greatly affected the in-studio crew members—stage management personnel, camera operators,  video operators, and audio technicians—have all lost the ability to work for the show at this time because of their job’s nature. 

“These are the people who have been on the show with Trevor from day one and help him put on the show,” a source told Variety.

That is why Noah made an initiative to pay the salaries of the laid off crew members until the health crisis has calmed down and the production will be open again to do business. These staff members are close to his heart and he respects them tremendously. For him, it is only right that he helps them and get through this difficult time together.

Comedy Central announced on Monday that additional 15 minutes of airtime will be alloted to Noah’s lockdown version of the show, and will run for 45 minutes every day moving forward—a first since the history of the show.

The Daily Show is currently in the #1 spot ratings among the shows in the late-night category for the age range 18-34 viewers.

Source: Tank’s Good News