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Tuxedo Cat Moxy, aka The Dancing Cat, Is Looking For A Forever Home [Video]



  • A 4-year-old cat has been looking for a home since May at the Lollypop Farm in New York.
  • Moxy has been trying to catch the attention of everyone at the shelter by pawing at the glass enclosure, staring at you until you notice him and running when called.
  • He has added “dancing” to his endearing qualities for more chances at being adopted.

Moxy, a 4-year-old tuxedo cat has been staying at the animal rescue, Lollypop Farm, in Fairport, New York since May 2022.  But he has already made an impression on the staff. 

His description on the shelter’s page reads, “Mr. Moxy is a handsome, larger gentleman with a fluffy coat and a penchant for mischief.” Mischief in a way that he was surrendered by his humans to because he played too roughly with them. He may come off as shy at first meeting but when he warms up, he makes a big coming out of his shell.

The description continues with, “When he decides he loves you, he really really loves you.  He loves to sit on laps and get sweet cheek rubs, explore (once he’s comfortable, of course,) chomp on cat grass, and stick that cute little tongue out.”

And Moxy craves attention with the shelter staff and those who come in for a look through or a visit. He stares at you until you notice him.  There’s just no way that you won’t.

Moxy is running your way to remind you that it’s Adopt-a-Cat Month!!! 😻 Adult cats like Moxy are 50% off and seniors cats can go home for free. Come meet a new friend today! 😌Posted by Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester on Thursday, 23 June 2022

And when someone calls his name, he runs with his bushy little tail pointing straight up and seeks head scratches and cheek rubs.

As if that is not cute enough, he has added a new way of getting your attention: dancing!


Moxy is a Dancing Queen 👑 or he just really wants breakfast 😆 ♬ Dancing Queen – ABBA

He gets up on his hind feet, scratches at the glass to make you look at him and then tilts his body left and right, getting into his groove.

A rapidly going viral video on TikTok of Moxy dancing to “dancing” to Abba’s “Dancing Queen” might just catch the attention of Moxy’s would-be mom or pop or family!


At 15 pounds, Moxy is ready to be with a home with no children hopefully soon. Good luck, Moxy!

Source: Inspire More