Twelve-year-old angel saves injured puppy’s life

  • Cibely Stiegelmair, 12, was walking home from school when she spotted an injured puppy on the sidewalk.
  • A local resident spotted her taking off her jacket and scooping up the puppy in it.
  • Cibely took the puppy home, where she was welcomed with open arms.

Meet Pretinha. The little puppy was spotted outside on a rainy day by twelve-year-old Cibely Stiegelmair. Thanks to the kind-hearted girl, her life changed for the better that day.

Photo Credit: Instagram/cibely_stieglmayer

Mayane Rodrigues was looking outside the window of her apartment in Brazil when she spotted a young girl walking on the rainy sidewalk.

She wondered why the girl stopped, set down her umbrella, and took off her jacket.

She realized what was happening moments later:

The girl scooped up a little puppy in her arms with her jacket and continued on her way.

Mayane, who captured the moment on video, shared it with a friend, who also shared it to a neighborhood group.

It was then that she found out “who the angel was.” It was indeed 12-year-old Cibely.

Twelve-yr-old girl saves injured puppy's life
Photo Credit: Instagram/cibely_stieglmayer

Cibely’s mom, Rejane Stiegelmair, shared, β€œI was startled when she arrived with the puppy because she was very sweaty and wet from the rain. There was blood on her shirt. I thought she had been hurt, but she told me she found the puppy injured.”

Thankfully, the puppy’s injury wasn’t severe.

Cibely shared photos of the puppy to look for her owner, but no one claimed her.

Photo Credit: Instagram/cibely_stieglmayer

Rejane said, “Cibely has a very good heart. She feels very sorry for stray dogs. If she could bring them all home, she would.”

The community rallied together to help Cibely and the puppy out. The city council helped with the puppy’s castration, while DogYou, a clothing brand for dogs, connected the family with veterinarian André Della Giustina and sent them dog beds and clothes.

Cibely’s family then tried to find potential adopters for the puppy.

Eventually, they decided to keep the puppy, whom Cibely named Pretinha. They said that they had a dog who ran away a few years ago and never came back, so they felt that he came back — although in another shape and color.

Twelve-yr-old girl saves injured puppy's life
Photo Credit: Instagram/dogyou_oficial

Pretinha’s backstory is unknown, but thanks to “angel” Cibely, she now has a home and a loving family.

Rejane said, “As parents, we are proud of Cibely and always have been. But now we’re even more so!”

Source: The Dodo

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