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Uncle Cat To The Rescue of Distressed Golden Retriever Puppy [Video]



  • When the kids need some assurance, a loving aunt and uncle’s arms will come in handy just like a cat to a puppy.
  • Fig the uncle cat was able to calm down a distressed golden retriever puppy with a headlock and cleaning.
  • The pup’s mom looks relieved she has some help in raising her pups.

TikTok is abuzz with the incredible comforting abilities of a male cat to her golden retriever buddy’s puppy.  14.4 million viewers have already gone “Aww” for Uncle Fig’s caring ways.

Fig’s buddy Olive had just given birth to a huge litter of pups.  She has been a good mom but every now and then she takes a break from the stress of the yelping ones. And on this occasion, Fig’s “maternal” instincts come out.

@hannahcolson Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Fig and Olive

In the video, Fig, Olive and her basket of babies were relaxing on the floor when suddenly, one pup became agitated.  Olive seems unaffected but Fig could not simply ignore it.

He immediately takes hold of the puppy and makes the pup stop crying by hugging and grooming it while Olive looks on in wonder at what’s happening.  The pup seemed to be comforted for a while but then started to whimper again.  Fig tightens his hold on the pup and cleans him up again. Meanwhile, Olive walks out of the situation.

Photo Credit: @hannahcolson (TikTok)

Fig looks at Olive as she leaves but never lets go of the pup as it calms down enough to be quiet and just lay there enclosed in Uncle Fig’s arms.

Fig’s headlock may have been rough for some but it sure was effective. Good job, Uncle Fig!  

Source: Daily Paws