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Video of a Very Good Dog Helping His Owner with The Laundry Goes Viral



  • Trey Foote dropped a sock from the laundry basket on his way upstairs, when he called his dog to help him pick it up.
  • Foote did not really expect the dog understood what he was saying, but to his surprise, Jonsi picked up the sock for him.
  • The story is a little hard to believe if it were not for the video footage.

Trey Foote never had a doubt in his mind that Jonsi is a good dog.

There is now video to prove that he is right.

Jonsi the dog was lounging at home, all settled in on the sofa while his owner was doing the laundry.

Trey goes to walk to the room carrying a load of freshly-cleaned clothes. On his way, a single sock fell from the laundry basket unto the floor.

Trey called Jonsi to help him, but he did not really expect the dog to do anything.

It was hardly the most serious of problems, but the dog did not think that his owner should do all the chores by himself.

Trey tries to recall the details of what just happened, “My thought in that moment was well, if I try to pick up this one sock, I may drop it all,” he said to the Dodo, adding, “So I asked my main dude to lend a paw.”

To his surprise, Jonsi understood.


The dog had picked up the sock he had dropped, followed him upstairs where he was sorting out the clothes and handed him the sock.

“I was just absolutely shocked!” Trey said. “He nudged it toward me and hopped up on the bed and went to sleep.”

The gesture made an impression on him. Trey hurriedly told his wife about what their dog just did. He was in awe, but his wife could not believe that it even happened, if it were not for the video footage.

Jonsi is not just a good dog anymore, he is very, very good dog.

This video just goes to prove that dogs like Jonsi can move the world to “aww”. The whole world now knows how much of a good boy Jonsi is, especially since the video clip featuring him helping out with the laundry has been posted on social media.

“It’s so special that so many other people see what we see in him!” Trey said. “It did teach me that our pups are always listening as well as thinking about what we say and do.”

Source: The Dodo