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Viral: Proud dads share their daughters’ makeup masterpieces [Video]



  • A single Twitter post started a dad’s club, exhibiting photos of their daughters’ makeovers for them.
  • Most shared how their daughters put makeups all over their faces, with one having a “painted” beard.
  • Others had their hair and nails done, while one dad was flaunting his stunning flowery crown on Christmas!

A father in Ohio inspired other dads to share their makeovers care of their own daughters.

Brad Cubbie wrote on Twitter, “Welp…my daughters got make up for Christmas,” with his photo that went viral — it surely would, his lips were glossily shining!

Another dad also flaunted his daughter’s work, not a made-up face, but a colored beard.

A daughter even posted throwback photos of his dad’s “pug tails” she did in her childhood, a loving memory of her lost dad that she would keep forever.

“To see how many people it’s reached and how many dads … it’s become a thread people really enjoy,” Brad said.

Another dad said on the thread, “I have 6 daughters. Oldest 30 baby 19 months I have been there so many times I have sported more make up than Ru Paul.”

Besides makeups and hairdos, there was even a dad who got his nails done by his daughter, all bright and glittery!

Another one looked really lovely with a stunning floral “Christmas crown.”


Brad’s post, looking so proud of her daughter, has called other dads’ attention to show off their father-daughter bonding over girly stuff they didn’t even think twice of doing for their kids.

With some moms joining the thread, too, this newly found dad’s club is really something daughters will remember forever.

As someone in the thread put it, “Way to be a great dad!”

No doubt, they all are.

Source: Sunny Skyz