Watch Disabled Cat’s Sweet Reaction To Seeing New Foster Kitty [Video]

  • Joey the cat is disabled. He has no two front paws.
  • He welcomed a new foster kitty by immediately showing sweet love and grooming it.
  • Joey and his family’s daily adventures can be viewed on their TikTok account, @kittyboyandfriends.

When an animal is loved and cherished, it gives back the love that it is shown.  It shares warm affection with others.  And would be calm and giving when faced with a new sibling.  Just like the disabled cat, Joey.

@kittyboyandfriends Joey is so eager to love on all the foster babies 🥹 #catsoftiktok #disabledcat ♬ You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis

Joey’s family shares their everyday life on their TikTok account, @kittyboyandfriends.  In a video that has captured viewers’ hearts, the arrival of a new foster kitty and Joey’s reaction to the addition will prove an animal’s confidence when living in an environment full of love.

As the foster would pick up on the behavior of the family that it is being introduced to, this kitty learned to relax and play by copying Joey’s example.  It did not take long for the kitty to open up to Joey.

Photo Credit: @kittyboyandfriends (TikTok)

And you would not even notice Joey’s disability at first because he just oozes this confidence to be so affectionate towards a new friend.

As @pande0582 commented, “Shows just how sweet he is!””Aww!! 🥰🥰 I’ve never seen a cat take to a kitten so quickly,”

Photo Credit: @kittyboyandfriends (TikTok)

@fahmida_ox could not help but see the immediate connection, calling it “beautiful pure love 🥰🥰🥰🥰.”

And for @dscxreloaded who has been watching Joey, “This is so so much better than the first time he met a kitten. Love watching him grow emotionally and physically.”

Joey is such a loving big brother and his mom could not be any prouder of him.

Source: Pet Helpful

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