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Watch Goat Walks ‘Funny’ After Owner Gets A Kangaroo [Video]



  • A TikTok video has quickly amassed 2.3 million views because it showed a goat hopping like a kangaroo.
  • Its owner @Kiwifarm21 hilariously captioned it: “Ever since getting a kangaroo, my goat walks funny. My goat is broken!”
  • Unusual pets usually need special permits and the goat imitating a kangaroo might need it.

TikTok user @Kiwifarm21 finally has proof that their goat is not what it seems. 

The video’s caption explains: “Ever since getting a kangaroo, my goat walks funny. My goat is broken!” And there it is— a goat hopping across the field just like her kangaroo sibling.  It is making the internet laugh out loud!

@kiwifarm21 My goat is broken! #goatsoftiktok #goats #kangaroooftiktok #kangaroo #animalsoftiktok #joey ♬ original sound – Stephy Wefy

So far, it has received nearly 4 million views as of this writing.

And the comments section is abuzz with the hilarious video.

Acosta commented: “Goat: how was that / kangaroo: like this watch.” And Heather Marquardt-Ho wrote: “This is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.” Idkkate3 added: “Wait can just GET a kangaroo, I did not know this.”

This was echoed by Novemburrrrr who said: “Excuuuse me, where’d you get a kangaroo and can we see more of it please?” And Mimilove26 asked: “Do u think Kangaroo Jack will try hurting the goats when he’s older???”

@kiwifarm21 Replying to @novemburrrrr ♬ original sound – Stephy Wefy

This may spring from having to get special permits to have pets like kangaroos. Oklahoma for one, allow owners to have unusual pets. And according to The Spruce Pets, Oklahoma allows almost all animals except for native large cat species and native bears.

Venomous reptiles certainly require permits.

Goats imitating a kangaroo might be a different category altogether but as Saltlife Ricardo commented: “goats are funny I had one when I was younger but neighbors called animal control cause it was in the city.”


Source: Newsweek