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Watch Pup’s Hilarious Reaction After Sniffing Cat [Video]



  • A puppy suddenly grew curious about the cat as it walked away.
  • The puppy immediately gags as soon as he sniffs the cat’s behind!
  • The footage of his hilarious reaction went viral on TikTok with over 8 million views.

Online viewers can’t help but laugh at a puppy’s reaction after he sniffed the backside of his cat sibling for the first time.

In the TikTok video, which has been viewed over 8.2 million times, we can see a puppy getting distracted when his cat sibling walks past him. He then proceeds to approach the cat’s backside and sniffs it, only to immediately gag.

The video caption read, “When your puppy notices the cat’s butthole for the first time.”


When your puppy notices the cat’s butthole for the first time. #puppytiktok #puppiesoftiktok #gag #catsoftiktok #stinky ♬ original sound – Voicesofjake

TikTok viewers can’t stop laughing at the video, with one user named Dawn saying that she and her son had viewed it at least 30 times. She wrote, “Had to stop to wipe my tears. This wins the TikTok today.”

Another comment from Janemvv read, “omg, this made me laugh so hard I cried.” GoddessKreseda agreed: “Lmaaaooo! I am crying!!

Photo Credit: Brandon Day/Unsplash

Animals rely on smell for sending and receiving messages, and cats and dogs are among those with the best sense of smell.

According to California-based VCA Animal Hospitals, dogs use body language to assess each other. This explains why they usually “walk in circles” around each other and check out the other’s actions. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times greater than a human’s, says the American Kennel Club. They added that “the scent-drive curiosity of dogs is about gathering information and saying hello.”

This time, the puppy’s curiosity was too much that he couldn’t resist smelling the cat’s backside. But because of his strong sense of smell, he got such an overwhelming scent that he couldn’t help but gag!

Source: Newsweek