Watch Tiny Toddler Trains Family Dog Bigger Than Her! [Video]

  • TikTok is now abuzz over a toddler in diapers training the family’s big dog.
  • The toddler Katana issues a command to sit in a cute voice and the dog Ollie obeys and concentrates on following the order.
  • This kind of dog obedience training certainly teaches adults that size and age do not matter.  

One video of TikTok user @azariaa of a toddler training her big dog has already amassed 1.2 million views!  And we all can learn a thing or two from the young master and dog on obedience training.

One, size does not matter. When Katana tells Ollie the dog in the cutest voice to “Sit, sit”, the dog simply obeys and sits still.  Sitting down, the huge dog is as tall as his baby trainer but there’s no problem there.

@azariaa Im convinced she’s a dog trainer #fyp ♬ original sound – azariaa

Two, clothes don’t make a difference.  Katana teaches the dog in her diapers and the dog follows her commands.

Three, concentrate.  Katana’s focus on how she gives commands and carries out what she wants Ollie to do is impressive.

Photo Credit: @azariaa (TikTok)

Four, watch and observe. When Katana puts a small figurine on top of Ollie’s head, she stands back and checks on what Ollie does next.  The good pup stares straight ahead, stays still like a statue.

But of course, we also have to give credit to Ollie for behaving and following orders perfectly.

The toddler’s and dog’s partnership is an example of obedience training founded on skills at a very young age reinforced by food and treats and a very willing and smart student.

Congratulations and job well done, Katana and Ollie!

Source: Daily Paws

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Smart dog.

It also shows how much the dog cares for the little one.