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Wedding guests rescuing puppy from fast-flowing stream caught on camera [Video]



  • Guests attending a wedding noticed a puppy in urgent need of help.
  • The puppy was hanging on to a concrete base near a fast-flowing stream.
  • Two guests jumped in to rescue the puppy.

Nobody is prepared in preventing mishaps at a wedding or any other event. But having heroic guests could certainly help!

Things took a turn during this wedding celebration when guests noticed a puppy in dire need of assistance. The unfortunate little fellow had ended up hanging on to a concrete base alongside a rapid river. It wouldn’t be simple to save him, but it didn’t stop this man from trying!

The man can be seen taking off his fine coat before peering over the edge of the concrete based in a video captured during the incident. He lies down and reaches out as far as he can to grab the puppy. When that doesn’t work, another guest joins in by holding onto him and allowing him to safely reach further.


With this added support, the man was able to grab the dog’s collar and get him to safety! The fearful dog was initially doubtful whether he could trust his two rescuers, but less than a minute later, he was enthusiastically following along, as if saying, “Thank you!” ”


The wedding guest could just ignore the dog because attempting a rescue could prove very dangerous. But he won’t take it sitting down. Thank you, sir! You are that dog’s savior.

Source: Inspire More