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Woman Comes Up with DIY Hack for Easier Nail Trim Sessions With Her Dogs [Video]



  • Lindsey Shelton comes up with a way to trim the nails of her dogs without all the drama that comes with it.
  • She has two rescue dogs, one “slightly easier to handle” when it is time for a nail trim, but the other one requires wrestling.
  • She decides on distracting her dogs with peanut butter spread on her head when she trims their nails.

California puts in place statewide security protocols, ordering residents to stay inside their houses. This puts Lindsey Shelton, her husband and their two rescue dogs confined indoors together. She soon realized that it is time for a nail trim, the thing most dog owners dread to do.

“Schmidt has always been slightly easier to handle,” Lindsey said. This, however, is not the case for Murphy who needs professional intervention to get his nails trimmed. “Usually, it takes me and my husband wrestling him like a crocodile.”

The problem therein is that there are no animal clinics and grooming centers open. This puts her in a position where she must be creative. The plan she came up with would need a distraction for her dogs while she performs the deed since this would make it easier for her the two would go without fighting her off.

The next question she asked herself is what kind of distraction would be enticing enough for them to ignore her while she cuts their nails?

She knows that the two loves peanut butter and the decision became easier from there. This only leaves her with one problem to solve, how would she be able to feed them peanut butter to distract them and be able to use both of her hands to clip their nails?

She had to use her head. Lindsey wrapped her hair and forehead in saran wrap and loaded the peanut butter on her covered head. Not only does this distract her dogs, but it also puts her eye-level to their paws.

Her husband was not too impressed with her idea, calling her a “dork” even, but she is convinced that this would do the trick.

Schmidt and Murphy smelled the peanut butter right away and hurried over to see what the commotion is all about. Lindsey positioned herself in front of the dog to get started with the chore, but the dog could not figure out where the smell is coming from, not at first anyway.

Lindsey made sure that her dog at ease, repeating calming words as she trims the nails on his front paws. “I knew [Schmidt] would love this trick even before trying it because he’s such a foodie!” she said.

The plan was only partially successful. Her dogs enjoyed the peanut butter on her head, but Murphy seemed tipped off about the nail trimming.

“With Schmidt, it worked wonderfully!” Lindsey said. “With Murphy, not so much. I got about three nails clipped on Murphy and all of Schmidt’s done.”

Dog owners better take note of this hack and it might just be the perfect way to care for their dogs. There is a side note where one could look a little silly, but as long as our dogs are happy and healthy, it might not matter.

Source: The Dodo