Woman finds dog and neighbor playing fetch through the fence [Video]

dog and neighbor playing fetch through the fence

  • Bounder has a profound love for the game of fetch, and would play with anyone willing.
  • One day, his mom spotted him barking at the neighbor to coax him to use his ball gun for a game of fetch.
  • It turns out that they have been playing fetch through the fence all this time!

Meet Bounder. According to his mom, he’s “obsessed” with playing fetch and loves to play as long as he’s allowed.

dog and neighbor playing fetch through the fence
Photo Credit: TikTok/brittneygoes

The energetic pup is also friendly with anyone, and if they’re willing to play fetch with him, he instantly loves them!

One day, Brittney saw just how friendly Bounder is. When she heard him barking outside, she noticed that he was barking at the neighbor, who was sitting on his back patio.

The neighbor had a ball gun, and Bounder was barking to coax him for a game of fetch!

Brittney shared, β€œI tried to tell him to stop barking, but the neighbor got up and started shooting the ball gun for him. It was just so cute. I went and thanked him for playing with my boy and found out that they had been doing this for a while.”

Bounder’s love of fetch was plain to see, and the neighbor gladly indulged it.

He has his own dog, who also seems to love playing fetch. And so, it has become a regular thing for them all to play together.

Photo Credit: TikTok/brittneygoes

Brittney shared, β€œI am a huge dog lover, and it always makes me happy to see others treating dogs so well. Our dogs are our family, and I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals.”

Bounder’s love of fetch led the neighboring families to get to know each other better.

Now, Bounder and the neighbor’s dog, Lyla, have regular playdates!


The moment TikTok’s been waiting for. Bounder and Lyla had a play date. #doglover #OscarsAtHome #blacklab #staffordshire

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It’s pretty clear that this lovely routine will continue on.

β€œI’ve seen him outside looking for the neighbor since then. He’s a sucker for a game of fetch,” Brittney shared.

Check out more of Bounder’s fetching adventures onΒ TikTok.

Source: The Dodo

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