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Woman Took Home The Saddest Fish And Transformed Him From Gray To Gold!



  • Lacey met Monstro more than a year ago and he was the saddest fish she’d ever seen then.
  • So she decided to take him home and take care of him but it seemed like he had lost hope.
  • Nevertheless, Lacey persisted and eventually, Monstro had shown his true colors and his transformation was amazing!

More than a year ago, Lacey Scott went to buy some supplies in a pet store when she met a sad face she was bound to change forever.

There at the bottom of a gloomy aquarium lies the saddest goldfish Lacey had ever encountered in her life.

Photo Credit: Lacey Scott

“He seemed to be stressed,” Lacey told The Dodo. “His color was so dull, and his eyes were cloudy.”

She inquired from that staff and learned that the fish was 10 years of age. Most of his life was spent in his previous owner’s artificial pond until he was surrendered to the pet shop. 

It seems to Lacey that the poor fish had given up hope.

Photo Credit: Lacey Scott

“I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” she said. “I couldn’t stand the thought of a fish who’d lived that long wasting away, spending his last days in a pet store.”

So she talked to the store and convinced them to have her take the goldfish home. That’s when the glorious days of his life started.

As it turned out, all he needed was one chance at life. 

Photo Credit: Lacey Scott

Lacey named him Monstro and placed him in a  makeshift “hospital” tank she set up. She changed the water everyday so it’s always clean and gave him good food. But Monstro was still unmoving, at least at first.

Eventually, after Lacey’s persistence in taking care of the fish, Monstro’s behavior started to change. 


“At the one-month mark I’d catch him swimming for short periods of time. And by that point I’d fallen in love with him,” she said.

Photo Credit: Lacey Scott

Then his body color also started to change gradually from gray to shiny gold which indicates he is getting better and healthier.

Lacey continued to persevere and refused to give up on Monstro until such time that the saddest fish had shown amazing transformation physically and mentally. 

“I’ve found so much joy in just watching his personality come out,” she said.

Photo Credit: Lacey Scott

Soon enough, she transferred Monstro to a bigger tank and he is living happily with the other fish. 

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying that it’s not the same fish and honestly, I can’t blame them,” Lacey said. “I really had no idea that he’d change so much.”

Under Lacey’s love and care, we are sure Monstro will live many more glorious years in life. His transformation is inspiring and her hard work and dedication are just as amazing!

Source: The Dodo