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Woman Was Afraid Of Dogs Until She Met A Dog Who Was Afraid Of People, True Love Healed Them Both [Video]



  • Teresa Hwang was bitten by a dog twice, when she was 10 and 20.
  • Since then, she has been afraid of dogs until she finally decided it’s time to stop living in fear.
  • When she met Boo, a dog who was afraid of people, both of them started healing each other.

True love can heal people—and animals too.

Ever since Teresa Hwang from Oakville, Canada, was bitten by a dog when she was only 10, and then got bitten again at 20, she has been afraid of them. She grew up avoiding dogs and never once considered living with one in her home—until she met Boo.

For years, her boyfriend has been bringing up the idea that they adopt a dog, and finally she thought, it’s time to stop living in fear and take a chance. So they did some research and ended up taking a visit to Niagara Dog Rescue. That’s where they met the then named “Patches” who was anxious with humans just as she was with dogs. But even so, he welcomed her with a lick.

“His foster mom gave me a surprised look and replied, ‘Wow. That’s really weird, he doesn’t approach people. I guess he’s picked you,’” Teresa told Bored Panda. “If he took a leap to initiate a connection, then I knew it was a sign. I had to take him home.”

Photo Credit: Teresa Hwang

Teresa then named him Boo, who, just like her, had to do a lot to adjust with each other. Boo was even too shy to eat with his new family watching, and fears unfamiliar noises and playing toys. Slowly, Teresa and Boo built trust with one another doing regular routines and giving space when needed.

The time came when Teresa realized she was not afraid of him at all and Boo too was starting to become more of himself finally!

Photo Credit: Teresa Hwang

“With each milestone I witnessed, I cried happy tears because it was as if Boo was a puppy again and was learning ‘how to dog,’” Teresa said. “He’s learned a lot and I am so proud of him.”

Both of them are healing…

Photo Credit: Teresa Hwang

“Seeing Boo heal and grow has changed the way I see myself. Just as with my own children, taking care of Boo has taught me patience and unconditional love,”  Teresa said.

Photo Credit: Teresa Hwang

For other people, it may look like Teresa saved Boo’s life, but the truth is, they both saved each other. Love saved them both.

Source: Inspire More