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Young Dad Will Conquer Fear To Buy His Son A New Wheelchair



  • Zach has a genetic disorder that causes his muscles to gradually shrink and become weak.
  • He uses a typical wheelchair but his arms are so weak now he needed an electric-powered one.
  • So his dad and his best friend Dan, who are both afraid of heights, decided to skydive to raise the needed funds for his electric wheelchair!

Three years ago, Zach Holland was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that gradually shrinks his muscles limiting his ability to move — it’s called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Despite his condition, the 8-year-old was always a happy boy with a lively spirit! Then the time came when he needed to use an electric wheelchair and his dad, Josh Collins, promised to do everything to get one for him!

Josh and his friend Dan both have tough looks, complete with beards and tattoos — but they are both afraid of heights! Seeing Zach overcome many obstacles everyday, they thought they should learn from the little kid and overcome their fear too. So they promised to skydive to raise funds for Zach’s wheelchair!

Photo Credit: @Zachsbattle (Instagram)

At the moment, Zach uses a traditional wheelchair, but his arm muscles are also getting weaker so an electric wheelchair would be a great help for his mobility. But it would cost around $12,000, and the insurance can’t cover it.

Dan did not hesitate when he decided to help his best friend’s family and it was his idea to do skydiving in order to raise enough funds for the electric wheelchair. 

He set up a GoFundMe page and described Zach’s story along with the promise that once the target amount is reached, he and Josh would skydive. 

Photo Credit: GoFundMe

In just a matter of weeks, they have surpassed the goal and that means the skydiving had to happen despite their extreme  fear of heights!

“I’m scared of the skydive,” Josh said. “But at the end of the day, it’s just going to be a bad time for 20 minutes or so, and then we’re going to get Zach the chair he wants.” 

Josh’s wife, Laura, is thrilled to see her husband skydive, but more so for his son to have his new wheelchair!

Photo Credit: @Zachsbattle (Instagram)

“Our main mission is just to give Zach an incredible life,” she said. “We go on lots of adventures. Now his mobility is declining [and] it’s more difficult, but once he’s got his chair we can take him anywhere.”

That just goes to show how far parents would be willing to go for their child. It’s inspiring to see as well a best friend who’s as selfless as Dan!


Source: Inspire More