3-Year-Old Saves Best Friend From Drowning [Video]

  • Three-year-old Henrique snuck out from home and went to the swimming pool where his best friend, Arthur, was.
  • They were trying to reach an inflatable floating ring when Henrique suddenly fell.
  • Arthur, who is also 3 years old, bravely reached for Henrique’s hand and saved him from drowning.

A brave 3-year-old boy from Brazil was caught on video saving his best friend from drowning in a swimming pool.

Earlier this month, Henrique, the 3-year-old son of a caretaker at  a farm home in Itaperuna,  Rio de Janeiro, snuck out from home and went to the pool.

He and his best friend, Arthur de Oliveira, also a 3-year-old toddler, were trying to reach the inflatable swimming ring when Henrique suddenly fell into the swimming pool. 

Esse vídeo serve de alerta para quem tem piscina em casa e crianças. Graças a Deus o final é feliz, pois Deus mandou a terra sob meus cuidados meu filho, meu pequeno Arthur, um verdadeiro herói!!! Herói da vida real, meu orgulho. Arthur salvou a vida de seu amigo, salvou a alegria do sítio três corações. Foram 30 segundos de descuido, o filhinho do caseiro saiu de casa sozinho, sem avisar sua mãe e em direção à piscina. Não descuidem! No meu coração só gratidão pela vida do amiguinho do Arthur. E orgulho da atitude corajosa, rápida e cheia de amor do meu filho… Obrigada Deus!

Posted by Poliana Console de Oliveira on Sunday, August 16, 2020

It was recorded in a home security camera as Arthur was looking around to call for help while Henrique struggled in the water way past his tiny height.

Realizing there was no one near to rescue his best friend, he reached out to him in a moment of bravery and grabbed Henrique by the hand. He then pulled him out from the water and saved him from drowning.

“This video serves as an alert for those who have a pool at home and children,” Arthur’s mom, Poliana Console de Oliveira, wrote on Facebook. “Thank God the ending is happy, because God sent the land under my care, my son, my little Arthur, a true hero! Real life hero, my pride. 

Photo Credit: Bom Dia Rio

“Arthur saved his friend’s life,” she said. 

The video went viral and caught the attention of the Military Police department of Itaperuna on Wednesday. 

The young hero received a basket of candies, and a new basketball as a reward for his bravery. Little Arthur aspires to become a policeman someday.

Photo Credit: Poliana Console de Oliveira

The basketball will surely be helpful to keep the boy entertained while the family is in quarantine in the farm house.

But that’s not all, he also received a trophy and a certificate from the local police which says: ‘From a hero to a hero.’

“A souvenir because you are an instrument of God, a real hero,” one of the officers said. “The world needs heroes like you.”

Indeed! We need more brave souls in this world that badly needs saving!

Source: Tank’s Good News

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